Suburban Combine

About us

Bellow you can find some informations about our combine officers, clubs, race stations and more ...


Chairman - Gary Moore

Vice Chairman - Art Jenkins

Treasurer - Anna Koros

Recording Secretary- Nick Lebresco

Race Secretary - Don Crompton

Liberator - Art Jenkins


Mingo Homing Club

Newark Homing Pigeon Club

North Penn Homing Pigeon Club

Northampton Pigeon Racing Club

Phoenixville Western Racing Club

Race stations

100 mile - Carlisle, PA

150 mile - Sideling Hill, PA

200 mile - Somerset, PA

300 mile - Morristown, OH

400 mile - Columbus, OH

500 mile - Richmond, IN

600 mile - Indianapolis, IN

Coming soon / YB Seson 2022


We will post new info here / Coming soon

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