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    The Suburban Combine is an organization composed of local racing pigeon clubs in the Philadelphia, PA area. Club members can fly a series of races with their registered pigeon athletes. These birds fly home from race points which can be up to a distance of several hundred miles. Members of the local clubs must be members of one of the two American national pigeon racing organizations: the American Racing Pigeon Union and the International Federation of American Racing Pigeon Fanciers. Club members can be of all ages and in addition to racing are dedicated to the care, nurture, and humane treatment of their birds.




Chairman - Gary Moore

Vice Chairman - Art Jenkins

Treasurer - Anna Koros

Recording Secretary- Nick Lebresco

Race Secretary - Don Crompton

Liberator - Art Jenkins


Mingo Homing Club

Newark Homing Pigeon Club

North Penn Homing Pigeon Club

Northampton Pigeon Racing Club

Phoenixville Western Racing Club


100 mile - Carlisle, PA

150 mile - Sideling Hill, PA

200 mile - Somerset, PA

300 mile - Morristown, OH

400 mile - Columbus, OH

500 mile - Richmond, IN

600 mile - Indianapolis, IN

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300 Reg & Auction Birds up @ 8AM

300 Alfie & Auction  Birds up @ 9AM
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